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Company’s introduction

Les ateliers de Spinnler Cartonnages en 1946


  • 1925 : Foundation of a mechanical workshop in Valréas (FRANCE) by Mr. Hugues SPINNLER.
  • 1936 : Mr. H.SPINNLER decides to transform the enterprise into a packaged company and become the owner with his three sons. The company decides to target a niche market, cylindrical packaging, where no other competitor was positioned.
  • 1946 : Relocation in Pierrelatte (FRANCE) after a fire devastated the factory in Valréas.
  • 1992 : Jean-Luc SPINNLER is appointed as CEO and strategically develop a new sector for the company targeting luxury markets.


SPINNLER is a family-owned company composed by two enterprises: AZUR IMPRIMERIE and SPINNLER CARTONNAGES
The company is strategically located in Pierrelatte (26)FRANCE in the heart of the "Drôme Provençale".
7 000 sqm are dedicated to the production.

Juridical form: S.A.S.

SPINNLER is the European leader in the conception and production of luxury cylindrical composite packaging:

  • Cardboard and PVC/PP molds
  • Offset printing, hot stamping/foil blocking, embossing.
  • Realization, conception and production of metallic tops and bottoms

The total workforce is 84 full time experienced workers. This figure can double for Christmas holiday period preparation.

Since the beginning, SPINNLER is highly conscious of the environmental protection and uses a vast majority of recyclable and recycled material (cardboard, paper and metal). Understanding early the benefit of recycling, SPINNLER has implemented an drastic waste sorting and move forward everyday to better protect the Environment.

Our clients’ needs are our priority. Working in close partnership with all our clients, Spinnler always innovates to develop new projects. Our goal is to increase furthermore the satisfaction of our clients.

Using our experience in various domains (cosmetics & perfumes, wines & spirits…) Spinnler is the partner of choice to develop and realize outstanding, and yet different, packaging.


graphique chiffre d'affaires Spinnler Cartonnages

Turnover distribution

  • 35% for perfumes and cosmetics
  • 10% for food
  • 20% for chemical products and concrete test molds
graphique exportation Spinnler Cartonnages

Export represent 20% of the sales.

Established since 1936, SPINNLER is the European leader for cylindrical packaging.

Working with the most renowned brands in the perfume, cosmetics or spirits sectors, our experience and expertise, combined with our R&D department, are a guaranty of an exceptional realization and quality "made in France".

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